Success Start Within Yourself

How to Live Happy Life ?

Wealth, Health and Happiness: These are what people need in life and to fulfill all the needs, you will need to invest in yourself. You can’t be happy if you don’t have enough money or you are not healthy. The inspiration making this site to share my thought started a year ago. I came across this program one year ago and it really reminded me how I need to keep investing in myself.

-If you wanna be wealthy then you should learn how to be one and finding the right resources and learn the right things to accumulate your wealth

-If you concern about your health then you must understand more of your body and learn from people who has been through and can be your figure for healthy individual

-If you want to be happy then you have to learn about happiness, the element of happiness and what will be the key factor

The 67 Steps Program

67 Steps program is program consist of 1 video each day for 67 days that will guide you to get anything you want in life including Wealth, Health, Relationship, and Happiness

The author Tai Lopez quote and making case study from many successful and historic people in the history in their field such Warren Buffet, Michael Jordan, Mother Theresa, Elon Musk, and so many others which will overwhelm us

The program will teach you how to control your own lives, getting out from the mediocracy. Help you getting healthier, be confident, wealthier and you will learn much more

The 67 steps can be used if you need a change or if you want to transform your life whether you need to lose weight, having better relationship or even to save and make more money than you are in your condition now. Anyone should get this program I think. As for me 67 USD is not cheap but it comes with money back guarantee and yes it is one of my best investment for self improvement

The program is not the get rich quick scheme so if you are looking for fast money this is definitely yours. But if you want to see yourself in the next upcoming years and be better in many areas and start taking charge of your lives, this is the time. It takes 66 days for a person to form a new habit so you can always start with one and see yourself grow exponentially. If you need to make a commitment to yourself you can always find a program but this one giving me a new perspective of life as it will do the same to you. Every day we procrastinate is another day we aren’t changing our lives


Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez began his road to success as an entrepreneur with major financial services fund.Tai Lopez

After a major transformation and the path to success, today, Tai spends most of his days reading, and share knowledge and experience with obtaining wisdom.

Tai said that the whole experience, travel, read, and he was mentored by millionaires, which has helped push several basic concepts and principles that can help others succeed in making them decide for themselves.

Tai Lopez said the 67 Steps works because when he sat down to look at the list of nuggets of wisdom he wanted to share.

Tai Lopez share most of the teaching from his personal mentor and famous one such Bill Gates, Charlie Munger, and Gandhi.

Until now there are thousands whose lives have been affected by the program of 67 steps, from the beginning to thousands of wealthy businessmen positive testimonials float on the net today.


Knowledge Society

Tai very unique, he loves books and will discuss things that we can always learn in book. He read a book a day and posts his review. There are so many things we can’t learn from the real person such Gandhi and Sam Walton. But we can learn about them and their lives from books

Inside the members area you will get lists of must read books and most of his reviews. Some of the contents are for VIP member which people we can get 14 days free after being a member but mostly the basic membership already overwhelm me

Buying The 67 Steps

The 67 Steps program is for sale at US$67. Members will get The 67 Steps and access to the video archive vault, which gives users access to hours of specially recorded videos that will walk users through secrets to success.

New members will also get a 14 day free access pass (69 USD after) to the VIP membership program. This membership offers an additional list of benefits. This includes:

-Twice a Month Coaching Calls

-Book of the Day Premium Video and Audio Summaries

-Investment Secrets

-Speed Reading Wizardry

-Access to Private Social Networking Groups

The 67 Steps also comes with a money back guarantee. If users don’t find that the quality of their life has improved, they can return The 67 Steps within 60 days and get a full refund.

You can watch 1 video for each day which range 30 minutes to 50 minutes per videos

Tai Lopez – Some of 67 Steps daily Lists

1. Worth a damn factor – To Get What you want you should deserve it
2. Changeability  to Survive
3. The Humility it takes to overcome
4. Good artists copy, great artists steal – finding mentors
5. Poor friends, rich friends – difference in knowledge
15. Do the math
16. Be a collector, have the edge effect
17. Work 100 hours a week while others work 40
22. 7 step scientific approach
33. Don’t bother the pigs
34. 10 dark years, go up fast, go down fast
35. Careful to who you listen to, become elitist
51. Being understood is the foundation of persuasion
52. Pareto efficiency
56. Courage and bravery
57. “Unstompable” factor and curiosity
58. Be prepared when the opportunity comes in life
59. Excellence in tangibles and intangibles

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