When is a Good Time To Have your Meal?

Dinner –> YES!!! Breakfast –> NO!!!

Let’s start by discarding one ancient myth, breakfast ..

How many of you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the benefits in having breakfast. It is said that breakfast will give you energy and also will make us not want to eat much during the day so they can make our body content.

And if you open the search engine then you will find 1000 reasons good breakfast

Now everything will change if you keep reading, Let’s me ask you this, why children don’t like to eat breakfast? Remember when we are kids little annoyed when you have to eat breakfast but all parents always tell us it is the most important meal of the day? But over time it becomes like habits ad we eat breakfast every morning. Do you know more than 90% children who eat breakfast are overweight? And remember when you become sleepy in class and even hungry when your first break in the school that the difference is only couple hours from your breakfast but you are hungry again???

Believe it or not breakfast will make you hungry and sleepy all day. It is also lower your fat burning than dinner.

But people skip dinner and they lose weight. Yes it is true but it is not the dinner. It’s because you reduce your food portions that day which is dinner. No matter when if you add 2000 calories in your body it is 2000 calories. If on average you burn 1500 calories a day you will have 500 excess calories which will be fat.

So if u have good dinner it will be good to sleep after because you will feel sleepy. Sleeping is also fat burning.

Research on Breakfast:

Breakfast by definition is the first meal of the day. So if we wake up at 1 pm, I will have my late breakfast. I prefer to define Break-Fast or Break-Fasting

A study showed people eat the same amount at lunch and dinner regardless of how much they eat for breakfast. (It does not mean having a breakfast will make you eat less at lunch and dinner)

This challenges the conventional wisdom that if you skip breakfast, you will then starve and make lunch as your revenge and eat more.

Indeed, there had previously been a study in October 2012 at Imperial College London, who compared the brain scans and caloric intake of 21 people who eat breakfast or missed breakfast. Medical News Today as a summary of the findings: “Skipping breakfast increases hunger, the appeal of high-calorie foods and food intake at lunch.”

This is bias in psychology. Imagine you are in a trial for breakfast. It is your brain and you habits that are challenged, not your stomach.

Other studies have recently noticed a difference between exercising with a full stomach or empty. In late January, the British Journal of Nutrition published a paper that suggests exercise before breakfast burn 20 percent body fat more than the same exercise after breakfast. The study also determined that people who exercise before breakfast does not consume extra calories or experience increased appetite during the day.

Yes.. WOW

Doctor Javier Gonzalez, part of the research team, told Science Daily: “In order to lose body fat we need to use more fat for energy … increasing the total amount of energy we spend, and a larger proportion of this energy comes from burning fat if exercise is done after fasting overnight without breakfast”
In conclusion, the morning meal will hinder your fat burning opportunity during activities the morning after fasting sleep. Dinner calories will be burned when you are sleeping. Not eat breakfast is much better than no dinner. 😉

Fasting Method and Time Frame:

1. Fasting with Timeframe. Eat What You Want Without Thinking Calories.
Remember this does not mean that you can become greedy and crazy when you eat. (Eat naturally and don’t be a Glutton). Eat your usual meal like you normally do. Fasting here means nothing whatsoever for your caloric intake during your fasting period (0 calorie)
However, this means you still should not drink water, tea or anything that does not contain calories. Even the candy or a piece of gum is ok. (Low calorie count of 0.5 or 0 calories. NO FRUITS, NO MILK, etc)
If you eat or drink calorie … you fail the fasting. The point is we are looking for producing more HGH so we need around 16 hours minimum. This is a very simple dietary approach to achieve longevity, better health and fitness performance.


Fasting time I give is 16 hours, 18 hours and 20 hours. (Fasting Time)
It defines meal time is 8 hours, 6 hours or 4 hours. (Timeframe)

What does it mean?

This means you should eat what you need to eat, as usual (do not be greedy) for 8, 6 or 4 hours a day (without breakfast at least 3 hours after you wake up)

So if we are using 8 hours means you start eating at 12pm to 8pm. (3 meals a day), or if you start at 3pm you can eat until 12am at night. Not bad? You can be flexible and arrange your time.

If you use 6 hours you can start 1pm and finish your last meal at 7pm. (The start time eating is up to you when you want to start, but do not eat 3 hours after waking up, water will be your morning remedies and it is healthy)

If you took 4 hours to eat then if you start to eat at 2 pm then you may eat up to 6 pm. etc
Number of meals is also according to you during the eating timeframe. But then again do not be greedy! The funny thing from my experience was I was not feeling hungry when I did it and most people feel the same.

It was the first kind of fasting which is very flexible. With this type you can arrange your lunch hour and if you have any dinner party.

2. Fasting 24 hours

This is the second. Sound scary…….? Yea …….
This means you only eat once a day. Any hour, eat anything as much as anything. (Remember not become greedy and don’t eating in the morning. During fasting you should not take calories but you can still drink water, tea, no sugar, no Gatorade etc)
It’s a 24-hour fasting.

It might sound creepy, but it is actually very easy if you are try it.
Remember you must experienced have only eaten once a day in your life.

Usual question is whether or not you will fell dizzy, headache and so on? NOT when you are accustomed to, perhaps at the very beginning because you are not familiar but try 2 times then all of it will be lost.

What if you have any heartburn? Ulcer drug for the first 2 times, you will follow your pattern.
Remember, ulcers start the mind. If your brain agrees, it will be okay.

Implementation between Timeframe Fasting and the 24-hour Fasting

In the first week you should start by eating 8 hours a day without breakfast (very very easy)
In the second week you go to 6 hours a day
In the third week and so you get to 4 hours a day
Remember you could stop at eight hours a day for the rest of your life or in 6 hours if you want without the need to run to 4 hours a day, but the result will be maximized the more you do it
You will need a long time to degrade and form to your body when you are stuck at 8 hours or 6 hours.
Worst if you can only 8 hours, which that is very good already as children can do it too (easy).
I wish you could fit into four hours a day, then it was INCREDIBLE … congratulations to you.
In fact, I alternate the first time I tried 4 hours timeframe and 24 hours fasting on Saturday-Sunday to test my body

If you want better results and faster, in one week you should take 1 or 2 days (3 maximum for me) for a 24-hour fasting.
Combine those two things then you will shape your body in no time!
You will burn your fat even when you do nothing because of the HGH level you produced
Remember that it is very flexible!

Sometimes I do just only once a week fasting 24 hours with a 8 hours eating patterns, sometimes I did full 8 hours for weeks depend on my meeting schedule and so on ..


Within 1-2 months I could see the difference and amazingly it shaped my body like I was in my 20th
Enjoy the process and email me if you have any question…..
Next we will discuss muscle development and exercise!!

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